5 Steps to Content Syndication for the Channel

TIE Kinetix CSP offers comprehensive content syndication to companies in a vast array of industries through a unique web syndication platform. The TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Platform holds a simple five step process: the collection of content, the management of digital assets, the syndication of rich digital marketing materials, the activation of the channel and reporting. By following these steps, the content owner not only strengthens and extents their reach throughout the distribution channel, but also gains hard analytical data about how their content is performing.

5 Key Steps: Collect, Manage, Syndicate, Activate & Analyze


Step A: Collection of Content

During the “Collection” phase all information is gathered and structured in a way that allows it to be most successfully syndicated and pushed out onto subscribing partner websites. The manufacturer may choose to split the content during this phase, enabling them to change different “pieces” without changing the whole. Subscribing partners will be given the ability to choose different options for the campaign based on how the manufacturer chooses to split content up during this phase. The manufacturer may also choose to re-publish parts without re-publishing the whole campaign previously launched.

Step B: Management of Digital Assets

During the “Management” phase of the web syndication process manufacturers can manage content from inside the system. Providing the manufacturer with absolute, “spur of the moment” control, TIE Kinetix CSP allows manufacturers to schedule campaigns or content pieces (split up during the Collect phase) to launch on different future dates. The manufacturer may make edits to any of their campaigns without re-creating new campaigns – a truly unique feature. The manufacturer will benefit from complete alignment of the channel – once a partner subscribes and places the line of code in their site, content is automatically updated based on options chosen by the partner.

Example: Campaign A has 3 images, a video and descriptions. Campaign B has different images, a different video and customer reviews. You can schedule campaign A to launch one month and campaign B to launch the next month. All partners that have subscribed through TIE Kinetix CSP and placed the line of code in their sites will automatically see the change in campaign from A to B the second campaign B is set to launch without requiring any work on their part.

Step C: Syndication of Rich, Digital Marketing Materials

The “Syndication” step enables marketers to make digital assets accessible by pushing content onto partner websites. Partners that have subscribed to manufacturers’ syndicated content will automatically receive updates to current campaigns as well as the launch of new campaigns without having to manage the content themselves in any way. Syndicated content pushed onto partners’ sites is customized using the options provided by the manufacturers, allowing the syndicated content to reflect the partner’s product portfolio while also fitting seamlessly with the look and feel of the partner’s website.

Step D: Activation

The “Activation” phase of the web syndication process refers to TIE Kinetix CSP’s Email software – called ChannelMailer – which allows the manufacturer to send business partners a customizable email template for the partners’ own email efforts. Partners may then send out the customized email campaign to consumers, activating or stimulating the space between the manufacturer and end consumer (partner, re-seller or VAR) to increase traffic to the syndicated content which has now been pushed onto partner sites.

Step E: Real-time Reporting

During the “Reporting” phase vendors are able to identify how effective their syndicated campaign is performing. The line of code that partners place on their sites not only pushes syndicated content onto their sites, but creates a window through which analytics are pulled. End consumers interact directly with syndicated content through partner sites, allowing TIE Kinetix CSP to report those analytics in real-time.

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